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Get yourself lost in the magic of this colorful and intricate sampler.

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Design Info

Size in stitches: 230W x 290H

Size in 14ct (28ct over 2) fabric (inches): 16.43W x 20.71H

Size in 16ct (32ct over 2) fabric (inches): 14.38W x 18.13H

Size in 14ct (28ct over 2) fabric (cm): 41.73W x 52.61H

Size in 16ct (32ct over 2) fabric (cm): 36.51W x 46.04H

Number of colors: 49

Please send me your photos of the different phases of the project so I can post them on the SAL photo gallery.
Don't forget to add your name and location so I can give you the credits you deserve! Go to the contact page to get the email address you can send the photos to. :)

CAD $8.50

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