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Welcome to the Design World of Cátia Dias!..

I was born in Portugal and lived there until 2003. I'm residing in Canada since then...

In 2004 I started designing a few charts just for my own pleasure.
Following the advice of my dear husband and some online friends (members of CdnXStitch and A Noble Needle online groups), I launched myself in the fabulous world of cross stitch and needlework design.
It has been a very rewarding experience so far. And I canít help but being thankful towards my husband and friends of all their encouragement.

My love for cross stitch and needlework crafts grew up with me.

Portugal is a country of fiber arts. Tradition and culture together make embroidery one of the most admired forms of art in my country...But, due to circumstances of life, I only started stitching after I got married. My husband bought me my first supplies during our honeymoon . Since then, I haven't stopped...

I hope you enjoy my charts as well as my website. Each design is done with love and the hope that those who stitch it will get the same amount of satisfaction that I do...

Feel free to let me know what you think of my designs. I would love to hear from you!..


Cátia Dias

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